Practical Self-Sufficiency – The Complete Guide to Sustainable Living Today –  Dick and James Strawbridge


Embrace off-grid green living with this all-encompassing guide to self-sufficiency alongside Dick Strawbridge and his son James. 

Introducing, your go-to survival guide offering step-by-step instructions on all things environment-friendly, jam-packed with tips and tricks for off-grid living to anyone looking to embrace a life of sustainability.

Dive straight in to discover: 

-Detailed step-by-step guide covering diverse aspects of off-grid living
-Featuring fully-illustrated step-by-step projecte visually demonstrating how to achieve key aspects of sustainable living from start to finish.
-Encyclopaedic knowledge on a range of eco-friendly tasks such as brewing beer and making soap.

Featuring full-page artworks showing how to tailor every environment for self-sufficient living

Whether your goal is to become a green-fingered gardener or you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint like never before, this all-encompassing horticulture book has something for everyone to love, with achieving a self-sufficient lifestyle no matter your outdoor space, and includes specific guides for getting the most out of urban gardens, allotments and much more!

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. From beer brewing to willow weaving, fermented foods to chicken coops, invest in this sustainability book to give green living a new name, and learn some top tips and handy life skills along the way!

Join Dick Strawbridge and his son James as they embark on a journey to lead a greener life, and be inspired to revolutionise your relationship with the planet in your new sustainable all-green way of living. Test your limits and push your boundaries with this riveting read, and discover how to adapt to a zero waste lifestyle from here on out.


More and more people are looking for ways to embrace a more sustainable way of life. In this very practical guide Dick and James Strawbridge examine many of the aspects that you need to consider. 

The Content includes:

New Way to Self-Sufficiency

The Home – in the house, energy and waste, 

The Plot – Productivity, What to Grow, Working Large Areas, Animal Husbandry

In The Home they examine ways of dealing with energy in the broadest sense and how to conserve energy, and improve your home infrastructure.

In The Plot their comprehensive guidance includes approaches to growing, gardening in harmony with nature, encouraging wildlife, building raised beds, taking on an allotment, setting up a well-equipped shed.

In the What to Grow, they cover everything from sowing and planting, storing the harvest, making pickles and chutneys, jams, jellies, fermenting, wine-making and foraging.

If you are looking to develop larger areas there is also advice about how to create boundaries, making flour and alternative milks, wood fired cooking and smoking, and finally how to manage animals.

Richly illustrated with beautiful photography and line drawings, this book is packed with helpful information, everything from safety warnings and the basics for life as they examine the differences between self-sufficiency v sustainability, the cycle of the seasons, the opportunities to create either an urban or a suburban plot, or to take on a rural adventure, or a smallholding.

As the authors explain…
Self-sufficiency automatically leads to a sustainable lifestyle, as you try to produce everything you need, but sustainability is achievable without being entirely self-sufficient, if you make sure you are acting as a conscientious consumer.”
Whatever your level of experience, this book will be a valuable resource to help you examine your lifestyle and look at sustainable ways of becoming more self-sufficient.