Cosy Throws and Blankets: 100 Blanket Squares to Knit from Easy to Expert by Debbie Abrahams

Description: Originally a follow-up to the outstandingly successful Blankets and Throws, the newly reformatted Cosy Throws & Blankets (previously published as More Blankets and Throws) has over 100 different blanket squares that can be knitted up to create a dozen unique blankets or throws in a variety of styles.

With more gorgeous blanket squares from bestseller Debbie Abrahams – there’s something for every knitter in this book.

In this new book, Debbie Abrahams offers 100 unique blanket squares that can be combined to create a dozen stunning blankets or throws. Full instructions are given for each square, including expert advice on how to knit with several colours and how to personalize them using beads and other embellishments. Clear, step-by-step instructions show you how to piece the squares together to create each blanket, and close-up photos and clear charts mean you can’t go wrong. Follow the patterns given or have fun and create your own designs using the squares. Practise a range of knitting techniques, from intarsia through to textured stitches, and create squares using clean, matt cottons and soft hairy winter yarns. Be inspired by these beautiful projects from beginners’ basics to advanced challenges.

From colourful circus-inspired afghan to a sea design in aqua shades, from a sophisticated blanket in mineral tones to a bright fruity rug, there’s a design for every taste.


This is an utterly gorgeous book, and so appropriate at the moment!

Beautifully illustrated with really helpful and clear step-by-step instructions showing you how to make the squares and piece them together to make a unique throw, this is a perfect book for busy people looking to relax with a project that is achievable and so satisfying to create. Creating the little squares is so much fun because as well as following the patterns you can also create your own designs, and creating each square can match your mood, so when you are feeling stressed choose an easier design that you can mindfully focus on, and on other occasions, you can choose a design where you learn a new skill like cable stitch.

It’s also a brilliant way of using up left-over yarn that you may have from other projects, the embellishments add extra colour and detail.

Creating the throws and blankets can also be an activity to share with friends and family, or filled with memories to create a family heirloom for generations to come. You may also want to gather as a group and knit these to give to local charities or community groups. The creative opportunities are endless.

We absolutely loved this delightful book. Highly Recommended!