Hand-Drawn Maps A Guide for Creatives Helen Cann

Description: Sketch, draw and illustrate your own maps using this uniquely creative guide. From transit maps to mind maps, and from maps of journeys to maps of the human body, Hand-Drawn Maps is packed with ideas for depicting a wide range of places, spaces, objects and concepts in a host of different styles. It includes sections on map anatomy, maps of places and maps of ideas. As well as instructions for creating your own maps and 32 pages of useful templates printed on perforated paper, Hand-Drawn Maps provides insights into the history of map-making and profiles of five leading contemporary artists. Award-winning illustrator Helen Cann provides beautiful artwork and 35 step-by-step creative prompts, making this a stylish and informative guide to depicting the world around – and inside – you.



We are fascinated by maps and we absolutely love this unique and colourful book. Helen Cann has created a delightful and beautifully illustrated collection of maps to inspire creatives of all ages to embark on a journey of discovery.
Not only is it full of richly illustrated examples, but is also includes a whole section containing pages of useful templates printed on perforated paper, for aspiring artist to create their own hand-drawn examples.
The content includes the following:
Section One: Map Anatomy
Section Two: Types of Map
Section Three: Maps of Places – Subway maps, Tree maps , Journey maps , Annotated maps
Section Four: Maps of Ideas – Phrenology,  Palmistry,  Anatomical map,  Mind maps,  Sensory maps, Mapping local characters,  Mapping books, Family tree map.
Section Five: Individual projects including wedding, or party invite using a basic hand-drawn map. Travel journal using journey maps, Valentine card (a map of my heart) using an anatomical map.  Interesting ways to create folded maps. New home card and business location map
Open any page and be inspired by beautiful artwork, and fascinating information and be intrigued by how maps can represent almost any aspect of our lives. A wonderful addition to any individual creative or family library. Highly recommended!