Furoshiki – The Japanese art of wrapping with fabric by Aurélie Le Marec


Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, and is used to wrap gifts and create bags for carrying things more easily.

Once you have learned the basic methods of tying and folding, you can tie furoshiki in different ways to suit the size and shape of the contents within.

There is no sewing involved and, using just a square of fabric, Aurélie Le Marec shows you how to wrap all kinds of items from books to guitars and laptops to wine bottles.

You can adapt furoshiki to suit items of all shapes and sizes and, with more than 50 furoshiki folds explained with step-by-step illustrations and clear instructions, you can help to reduce waste by making furoshiki part of your everyday life!


Why We Like It
We love the concept behind this book, Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese art which uses beautiful reusable cloth to make gift-giving elegant and sustainable. Using just a square of fabric, Aurélie Le Marec teaches the art of folding and knotting to carry all kinds of items.

The comprehensive content includes the background to the development of the technique, as well as the history of its use and the ancient customs behind both the art of Furoshiki and the art of giving. Aurelie also highlights that Furoshiki is a very practical way of tackling the excessive use of plastic bags and gift wrapping paper, and explains that at the end of its life the Furoshiki can be recycled.

The content is divided into:

The Knots, which includes the basic knots as well as more decorative knots and creating adjustable handles.

Furoshiki for carrying things, which includes a wide selection of bags, cross-body bag, beach bag, backpacks, book bag, laptop bags, two bottle carriers and even a guitar case.

Gift wrap – the nature of fabric means that it is suitable for all sorts of irregular shapes which are often difficult to wrap. The wraps that have been created here are absolutely exquisite and would make a wonderful addition to any gift.

Decoration and tableware – Furoshiki can be used to decorate your home, used as simple wall-hangings and other items including a basket wrap, a cutlery wallet, cushion covers, or for children a fun bunny wrap.

With full colour photographs, and step-by-step instructions this delightful book is packed with everyday useful solutions and will take your gift giving to a whole new creative level. Highly Recommended