Last Minute Festive Delights

As we are writing this we are not sure what restrictions may be in place for the Christmas and New Year Holiday. So here is our round-up of some things that you can do hopefully within the guidelines.


Baking together can create a lot of family fun, it can be a traditional Christmas cake using a family recipe, or more simple recipes like biscuits, pastries, mince pies, or savoury dishes. 

If you missed ‘Stir-up Sunday’ there is just still time to make a Christmas Cake, we share the recipe for this in our sister website Beautiful Heirloom Home

You may also want to read our reviews of other delightful recipe books in the Cooking section.

Take a moment for everyone to join in and stir the mixture and make a Christmas wish.

Other ideas including making gingerbread biscuits in the shape of decorations and icing them, or you can also buy kits to make gingerbread houses.

You can also make home-made gifts for others.

Crafting homemade cards, presents

During the Christmas holidays is a perfect time to spend time together creating cards, and other handmade gifts for friends and family. Gathering together all the materials required before can make the projects easier to complete. Alternatively a crafting shopping expedition can be fun to do together. 

We recommend a wide range of creative books on our sister websites:


The festive break can be a great time to play games. Whatever your age or personal situation, traditional games can be as simple as a game of cards, or pin the tail on a reindeer. Jigsaws left out for others to join in with the completing can also be relaxing, as can crossword puzzles where different generations can share their knowledge.


Christmas is a perfect time to fill the house with music, there are many Christmas compilations available, as well as other relaxing collections of background music that can be used when decorating the tree, writing cards, crafting or baking. If your life is normally frenetic, slowing everything down and relaxing can be beneficial for everyone.

Escape with a book

Many people are often busy in the run-up to Christmas, but a lovely way to relax and escape is to curl up with a book, we have a delightful selection of books in our sister website, including Festive Reads.

Last minute gifts

As it is still a stressful time for many, here are some suggestions for indulgent gifts to help people relax, and take care of themselves.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Nourishing Orange Flower Skincare Kit

Neal’s Yard Remedies Nourishing Orange Flower Skincare Kit

This kit is an introduction to the Nourishing Orange Flower skincare range, which replenishes and boosts moisture levels for dry skin.

These unique products are made with organic neroli essential oil – also known as orange flower – from the blossom of a single orchard of Seville orange trees growing at the foot of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. 

In a beautiful and compact, 100% organic cottonbag, with a 10-14 day supply, this kit is ideal for travelling and offers a ready to go skincare ritual, with results you’ll love.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Award Winning Skincare Kit

This kit is an introduction to the award winning natural and organic skincare favourites.

These unique products are loved by customers and beauty experts alike and are easy to fit into your skincare ritual. In a beautiful and compact, 100% organic cotton bag, with a 10-14 day supply, they’re ideal for travelling and offer a ready to go skincare treat, with results you’ll love.

Available from:

Silk Hot Water Bottle

This soothing hot water bottle combines the sensory benefits of Silk with the healing powers of heat, The covering is made with award-winning 22 momme Silk. The hot water bottle itself is made by YUYU. Comes with a wearable strap so you can cuddle up with it on the sofa or in bed, or wear it whilst out and about. The strap can be tied in a bow when not in use. Packaged in a box perfect for gifting.

Available from:

Creating a personalised hamper

It may be too late to get one of these delivered from a specialist company, but you can create your own. 

Think about the person that you want to gift this to, and gather together a collection of their favourite items. It might be speciality teas, preserves, biscuits, soaps, a scarf, fingerless gloves, crafting gifts, a journal, pen, book by a favourite author.  If you have time you could gather together special photographs to create an album or one special photograph in a frame.

You could also include a gift card or a voucher for a special treat. If you enjoy crafting or cooking you could also include something that you have made.

 Try to include things that you know they love, but often don’t get time to indulge themselves. 

Helping others

Many people are alone at Christmas, visiting friends, family and neighbours and taking a small gift can really make Christmas special.

Take time to relax

And breathe!  As Christmas approaches, savour those moments either early in the morning, or late at night when the house is still and you get the chance to just stop running and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Wishing you all a safe and happy festive holiday, with our best wishes and hopes for 2022 from all of the Escape, Learn, Create team. xx