The Innovative Artist: Capturing Light  – Catherine Beale 

Creating radiant landscapes in watercolour 

Capturing Light is a must for artists who wish to investigate the subtle qualities of light with an emphasis on creating dramatic, imaginative landscapes.

Loving the fluidity of watercolours, Catherine has developed a painting technique by experimenting with, and exploring, modern watercolour pigments and the boundaries of the medium. The method uses lots of water on a sloping board which Catherine calls gravity painting, which creates a natural way of working, keeping colours luminous and mobile without any ‘muddying’. 

The book starts with an explanation of the technique, the materials and colours used and the importance of capturing the essence of a landscape. There are numerous progressively challenging small exercises, demonstrations and inspirational finished pictures illustrating the alluring effects of reflections, mists and shadows and showing the dramatic effects of different skies. Developments of ideas for landscapes are introduced as the book progresses, plus nine projects exploring how to build up light-filled effects. Catherine’s method will free up your painting style, embolden your colour choices and show you how to create vibrant pictures full of dramatic light


The Innovative Artist series provides a unique insight into the methods and materials used by leading contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of their art. Through numerous examples of their work alongside practical demonstrations, each book will provide a fascinating exploration of the artist’s creative process that will inspire the reader to move forward in their own artistic journey and this is certainly the case in Capturing Light by Catherine Beale.

This beautiful book is packed with helpful advice and practical examples, as Catherine shares her own inspiration, and then takes the reader through various techniques and finally ends with the most glorious examples of projects. We love her use of colour, how to plan a composition and her comprehensive description of the techniques that she uses.

The detailed content is as follows:

My inspiration 
Materials & tools 
Light & shade 
More advanced techniques 

Aerial Perspective, Mists, Clouds, Storms & Rain, Bleached by High Summer Sun, Blinding Sun & Hard Shadows, Dappled Woodland Light, Sparkling Light on the Sea, Sunset, Artificial Light

If you are looking to explore watercolour painting, Catherine shares the most helpful advice throughout the book, it is an outstanding masterclass from a very talented artist, and we absolutely loved it! Highly Recommended!

The Innovative Artist: Capturing Light  – Catherine Beale is published by Search Press