Tillandsia Aeranthos – Air Plant

The Tillandsia Aeranthos produces stunning flowers every year with pretty pink and purple flowers, the green leaves grow upwards and are stiff.

FAMILY: Bromeliaceae
HUMIDITY: High (At least 60-70%)
LIGHT: Indirect light / filtered sun
TEMPERATURE: 15-25C / 60-75F
CARE: Easy
WATER: Soak once a week
SIZE: 10 x 45cm / 4x18in

The clue is in the name – these plants love the air and don’t need soil to grow in, they need very little water and therefore attention. The will often flower beautifully in the growing season (Spring – Summer) and then once mature they will die often producing a baby plants (pups) before doing so.

Place these lovely plants on moss, in glass jars or orbs, onto driftwood or bark – do not glue them but instead place them into their display.

Remove from their display once a week and soak them in a bowl of water (preferably rainwater or distilled) for at least 30 mins to 1 hour then allow them to fully dry by hanging upside down. You can also mist them but be aware not to allow water to pool in the leaves as too much water can cause rotting. Keep them away from radiators and direct sun.

You can mist them with a specialised fertiliser once a month during the growing season for optimum flowering and care. Refer to the instructions for dilution guide.

To boost humidity you can surround the plant with a tray of pebbles which have been misted with water.