Watercolour Nature Unleashed – Jane Betteridge
Description: Bursting with exciting and innovative techniques, best-selling author Jane Betteridge pushes watercolour to new heights, bringing nature to life with vibrancy, texture and dynamism.

In this reissue of her best-selling book Dynamic Watercolours, Jane demonstrates an effective and vibrant use of a huge range of exciting ways of working, including the use of crackle paste, modelling pastes, metallic leaf, gilding flakes, print and much more. 

Inspired by nature on every page and showcasing 75 inspirational finished paintings, this book will excite and inspire watercolour artists of all abilities to experiment and approach their painting in a whole new way.


We love this book! Packed full of vibrant illustrations and wonderful inspiration, this book is a joyful invitation to experiment with different techniques and approaches to watercolour painting.

The comprehensive content is divided into the following:
Pure watercolour

Surfaces, Textured grounds, Crackle paste, Modelling pastes, Tissue paper, Metallic leaf 
Step-by-step: Poppyfield 
Gilding flakes, Gesso, Stamping
Step-by-step: Beach Scene 

Inks, Granulation
Step-by-step: Magical Woodland 
Food wrap, Salt, Gouache, Contour relief, Pearlescence, Impasto, Bronzing powder, Stencils, Gauze & thread
Step-by-step: Wild Flowers in the Wood 

Exploring themes, Focus, Pattern & colour, Your starting point, Index
Each section is full of beautiful illustrations, and we love the way Jane introduces the techniques and follows this with step-by-step instructions of how to incorporate the techniques into specific projects. 
Also included are examples of Jane’s own artworks to inspire you to create your own watercolour examples.
We also love the final section when Jane encourages you to start on your own painting journey, with her helpful advice about creating themes, how to focus and pattern and colour,
This stunning book takes watercolour painting to new, innovative and exciting dimensions. 
Highly Recommended!