Beautiful Botanical Embroidery: 30 Exquisite Nature-Inspired Designs for Stitching onto Bags, Buttons, Cushions and More – Alice Makable 

Description: Celebrate the beauty of botanical embroidery with this collection of 30 stunning projects designed by renowned Japanese embroidery artist, Alice Makable.

As embroidery continues to grow as a contemporary craft of choice, discover the beauty of botanical embroidery with this collection of 30 exquisite motifs and projects inspired by flowers, fruit, foliage and other natural forms. Stitch your way through an assortment of elegant designs organised by colour, from pinks and subtle yellows to lush greens and moody blues.

Learn how to use specific embroidery stitches to replicate the textures and shapes of flowers, leaves and stems. The book includes full-size, easy-to-follow templates and a useful embroidery stitch guide. As well as the beautiful embroidery motifs, there are also project instructions for creating gorgeous bags, aprons, pillow covers, pincushions, pouches and more.

What we love about this beautiful book is that Alice’s embroidery designs do not necessarily represent specific shapes, instead she has combined various shapes, sizes, and colours to create unique motifs. The book is divided into the most exquisite projects representing different colours, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow.
There are details about the tools and materials, followed by How to Get Started, Embroidery Techniques and then full detailed instructions for creating the different projects with templates and step-by-step details for the embroidery and the construction.
This is an utterly gorgeous book! Highly Recommended!