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A big warm welcome to Escape, Learn, Create.
A happy space designed by creatives to help you to reconnect to the good things in life.

It's All About Passion

 We truly believe that there is a place for learning and creativity in every single day.  Whether it’s making beautiful bread to share with loved ones or taking time out to invest in you and create something unique.  

We want to bring you into our world of exploration and discovery, kick back, stay awhile and just enjoy being you.

“Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ve never be hurt; sing like no one is listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.” – Mark Twain

Escape from the world to reconnect with you...

When you wake in the morning, do you reach for your phone before greeting a loved one or taking a moment to reflect on your night of sleep? Are you continually hassled by electronic noises and notifications reminding you that you need to be somewhere or to respond to these messages?  We want to help you switch off, relax and recharge.  Find that one precious quiet moment in your day or week and just choose something that you always wanted to know or learn. Still the noise and find that place where you can take those precious minutes and do something wonderful.


Learn at your own pace, take your time with our features

We think it’s really important to have access to learning when you feel at your most inspired, whether this is in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep or when the sun rises and welcomes the day.  All our materials and lessons are instantly accessible when you need them.


Create like no one
is watching...

We’ve all experienced the ‘critic’, the person who stands over your shoulder and says ‘I could do that better’ or laughs at your efforts.  Shut out those people and give yourself the time to practise, hone your skills and leave perfectionism at the door.  Be inspired by children who just play and create because they can, it’s all new to them and they jump in with both feet. Tap into your inner child, if you make a huge mess, who cares, it’s your happy mess and there’s a lot of fun in just ‘having a go’.  We believe that being creative is a vital part of harmony and balance and we hope that you will find the inspiration here to get started on your journey.

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