The Kew Book of Drawing Flowers – Bianca Giarola

Description: The Kew Book of Drawing Flowers is a step-by-step guide to drawing flowers by botanical illustrator Bianca Giarola.

As a self-taught artist, this book collects everything Bianca wished she knew when she first started drawing flowers, encouraging readers to practice directly on their preferred medium (sketchbook, paper, and so on).

From the most basic to the more intricate blooms, each project increases in difficulty and teaches a new fundamental technique, making it perfect for beginners wanting to gain a complete understanding of how to draw flowers. Readers will be able to use what they’ve learned right away in their own art projects, be it home prints, journals and stationery.

What we love about this delightful book is the very practical way that Bianca has structured the book. It is absolutely packed with really helpful step-by-step advice about how to create the most beautiful flowers.

But it’s more than that, Bianca also illustrates the ways that flowers can be used with calligraphy, in patterns and in stationery and wall art.

The content includes:


Chapter One: Anatomy of a Flower

Chapter Two: How to Draw Flowers

Chapter Three: Ideas for Applications

Within each chapter there is so much really helpful detail, enabling anyone to take those important first steps towards creating your own beautiful art. 

Bianca’s approach is incredibly supportive and encouraging, as she also explains how she returned to her childhood love of art after many years of working in another industry.

If you have ever wanted to try drawing and painting flowers this exquisite book is a wonderful place to start! Highly Recommended!