A Table Full of Love – Skye McAlpine

Recipes to Comfort, Seduce, Celebrate & Everything Else in Between


Home-cooked food can be used to nourish our loved ones, as well as ourselves. Whether it’s a roast chicken shared on a Sunday night, a thick soup to soothe yourself, or American-style cookies to be eaten whilst still warm, it’s the ultimate form of sharing love.

With chapters devoted to how food can Comfort, Seduce, Nourish, Spoil and Cocoon, Skye McAlpine has exactly the right recipe for every moment of connection be it:

– An elegant dish to make someone fall in love with you – Scallops with Buttery Brandy Gratin
– A satisfyingly reliable meal for everyday family life – Polpette di Ricotta with Tomato Sauce
– A go-to recipe for a very old friend – Chocolate, Coconut and Cherry Cake
– Or something deeply simple to eat alone – Spaghetti with Pistachio and Lemon

With hand-marbled patterns and glorious recipes and photography, A Table Full of Love is a beautiful cookbook. It invites us to pull up a chair to Skye’s delightfully aspirational and unabashedly romantic table.
Skye McAlpine’s books are in a league of their own, and A Table Full of Love is another absolutely outstanding example. Skye writes with such an open heart, every word carefully chosen to reflect the joy and emotion in creating wonderfully delicious food for you or others to enjoy.
Skye’s engaging narrative is shared throughout the book, this isn’t about just cooking food, this is about creating an experience, whether you are cooking for yourself, for friends, family, or one other special person, Skye encourages you to really savour the flavours, the conversations, and the memories you create.
The chapters are divided into Comfort, Seduce, Nourish, Spoil, and Cocoon, plus sample menus. Within each chapter, there are examples of delicious food that can be used in any context, or for any number of people.
There are so many things to love about this utterly gorgeous book, the recipes are easy to understand and full of step-by-step instructions. Open any page and you will find mouthwatering food and uplifting descriptions with stunning and evocative photography.
From Soul Soothing Roast Chicken, Perfect Eggs on Toast, Pasta con Panna e Pisselli, Salmon en Papillote, and Ciocolatissimo Brownies, every recipe is utterly delicious.
At times when it is particularly difficult, we love her philosophy expressed in the last chapter – Cocoon, 
This book is about love, people and food. There is no intended hierarchy among the chapters, just as no single recipe is inherently better, or more valuable than another. At different points in our lives, we may find ourselves leaning on the contents of one chapter more than another……. Yet in all the chapters, this last one should be a constant: it is important always to remember to care for yourself, however busy you are, however many other people crave your attention, however much you care for them and want to take care of them. Above all these are recipes for you: some are bursting with nutrients, some (most, really) are quick, and easy to make, and some quite simply are very spoiling to eat, but my hope is that they will all make you feel good, most especially on those days when you really need it’
From the beautiful cover to the very last page, this is a book to cherish and enjoy. It’s not just about A Table Full of Love, it’s written with so much love, deeply personal and engaging, this beautiful book is the love letter you create for yourself or as a gift that you want to share with everyone you love!
One of our Favourite Cookery Books of 2023! Highly Recommended!
A Table Full of Love by Skye McAlpine is published by Bloomsbury Publishing