Move Yourself Happy: 21 Days to Make Joyful Movement a Habit – Dianne Buswell
Description: A fun and highly accessible guide to transforming your mental and physical wellbeing through joyful movement from TV personality and celebrity dancer Dianne Buswell.

In this enriching 21-day programme, dancer Dianne Buswell shows you how to make joyful movement a habit. Forget gruelling exercise regimes or punishing diets – Dianne’s unique approach nourishes your body and mind using her four pillars of health: rest, movement, nutrition and positivity. Move Yourself Happy offers step-by-step explanations of core moves from yoga, Pilates and dance, including jive, tap and ballet. It also contains Dianne’s favourite recipes, like her delicious homemade chocolate granola or spinach gnocchi, as well as inspiring weekly mantras and journaling prompts, fun daily movement routines and mood-boosting lifestyle hacks, such as having a 5-minute kitchen disco and creating your own self-care sanctuary in your home. This book will transform your relationship with movement and help you feel happier, every day


We absolutely love this book! 
As we approach the first day of Spring this delightful book is a wonderful opportunity to shake off the gloominess of winter and the negativity in the news and look forward to longer days and more positivity in our lives.

What we love about this book is the reassuring and encouraging way that Dianne introduces her approach, and how it enables everyone to incorporate more movement and self-care into our daily lives.

She discusses the Four Key Pillars of Staying Happy and Healthy:

The Power of Movement
The Power of Nutrition
The Power of Rest
The Power of Positivity

The book is divided into three key sections:
The Move Yourself Happy Way
The Movements
21 Days to a Stronger Happier You

As Dianne mentions in her book, 

Modern life takes movement away from us in so many ways – better transport options, sedentary screen-filled jobs and any products and takeaway meal we want delivered to our door. We’ve lost that connection with our natural movement- everything we need is within easy reach and movement is so diminished in our lives. ‘

Dianne compares this with people who live in ‘Blue Zones’ around the world where communities 
on average seem to live healthier and longer than elsewhere in the world as she explains,  
Studies reveal that eating a largely plant-based diet focusing on natural whole foods  plenty of natural movement and a positive mindset all tied together with being part of a community and keeping social, are powerful components of longevity’ 
We love her reference to incidental movement, those movements that we do during the day that we don’t think about, walking up and down stairs, running for the bus, or train, walking the dog. This is the movement that is so good for us and for people in the ‘Blue Zones’ much of this is done very naturally as they interact in their local communities.

Throughout the book Dianne shares her positive approach to life and there are many encouraging ideas and activities as well as nutritious recipes and detailed illustrations of the 
core moves from yoga, Pilates and dance, including jive, tap and ballet.

This joyous book should be on prescription for everyone! Highly Recommended!