Essential Equipment for Watering Plants

If you are looking for the perfect equipment for watering your beloved plants then check out my handy guide for everything you need to keep your plants happy and hydrated.

The truth is watering plants isn’t as simple as just taking some water from the tap and adding to the soil of your plants. I explain in further detail about how to water your plants in my articles: How to water your houseplants correctly and Watering your garden plants so they thrive. Here is my round up of watering equipment I use or is on my wish list to purchase.


Depending on whether you are looking for something small to tend your smaller indoor plants or you need a large watering can for your larger plants or containers outside, I would always recommend getting a can with a long narrow spout for directional watering and with separate rose (the piece that has holes in) so that you can also water from above to hydrate the leaves. Please note – never water from above onto the leaves when the plant is in direct sunshine as this acts like a magnifying glass and can burn the leaves.
Ones I love are:

Haws watering cans have been a fixture in English gardens since 1886, the year that Londoner John Haws patented his unique design for a ‘watering pot’ with perfect balance. This small, well-balanced, mini version of the classic Haws watering can is made of injection molded plastic.. It has a round brass faced rose that is removable. Used for indoor plant watering especially orchids, African Violets and for watering seedlings. Over the last 125 years the Haws name has become known as the makers of the finest watering cans used throughout the world. Gardeners know that a Haws watering can is the best whether it’s made in metal or plastic. 700 ml capacity. Made in England.
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Similar to the above watering can but the next size up – it will be perfect for larger indoor plants and container plants outside, it’s also a perfect size for smaller plants in the garden.

– Made of high quality injection-molded plastic with a high gloss finish
– Attractive trellis surface design sets it apart from other plastic cans
– Domed lid prevents spillage when watering
– Features a fine brass-faced watering rose
– Original design created by John Haws in 1886; Made in England

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This 14L watering can is perfect for any large plants that need watering and has a fine rose attachment that can be removed for more directional pouring.

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Many indoor plants absolutely love to have their leaves misted with a fine spray to keep them hydrated and healthy, being mindful of their origins where humidity is high, this is a perfect way to recreate their natural environment. You can choose from a simple spray bottle with a fine spray to beautiful designer mister sprays. You can find these in many garden shops or choose from my selection below:

A simple spray bottle with a fine adjustable spray mechanism, just twist the nozzle to adjust the strength of spray. Easy to use and store.

These are very reasonably priced so you can buy more than one for each area of plants and for quick and easy watering. You will find that once your collection starts to grow, keeping on top of the watering can take a little while so having a few of these nearby can help to reduce watering time.

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If you are look for something both functional and decorative then this vintage style chrome plated solid brass mister is a perfect addition to your collection.

MADE OF SOLID BRASS chrome plated with an easy-press plunger to deliver a fine mist that gently removes dust from plant surfaces and raises humidity. Watering plants is essential, but misting them can be just as important.

Use on indoor plants that require high humidity in addition to water such as ferns, herbs, orchids, cuttings and seedlings. Mist in the morning so the plants have time to dry out before night. Not only does this provide them with moisture, but it also cleans the plant leaves

Succulents and most other house plants also benefit from a misting of water occasionally. Humidity levels in most homes tend to be quite low (especially in the winter when the heating is on).While most houseplants can handle it these warm and dry conditions, adding some moisture can help them thrive. Leaf curling, yellowing, and leaves with brown edges and tips are all signs that plant may not be getting enough humidity.

– Pump action easily produces a very fine controlled mist
– Easy to spray and hold in one hand
– Screw top
– The spray nozzle produces a very fine mist spray
– Metal pump

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If you are going to buy any piece of equipment to give you peace of mind with your plants then this is the one for you. I couldn’t be without mine – even though you can use your finger this is so handy when you have a few plants and you want to quickly check each one. This is the same as the one I have and it also tests light and PH – although I have to admit I don’t really use those functions. It runs without batteries and works on both inside and outside plants.

I couldn’t be without mine and it’s so easy to use, simply place in the soil and the small meter inside will register DRY / MOIST / WET depending on the condition of the soil, make sure to insert deeply enough to get a true reading and clean the probes between each plant.

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This isn’t strictly a watering tool but it is so handy when you are working out where to put your plants or even when to start planting your seeds in your green house. It’s really useful to get a sense of the minimum and maximum temperature as well especially if your have a heat sensitive plant or seedlings. This will show you the highest and lowest temperature over the last 24hours so you can work out if you plant will survive overnight. The humidity element is also essential for indoor plants to make sure that your plant is getting enough humidity to thrive.

I couldn’t be without mine and I have a few dotted around the house and in my shed to make sure that all my plants and seedlings are in the right place depending on the heat and humidity.

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Excuse the pun! Once you have invested in some beautiful plants you really want to help them thrive so here is a collection of items you may wish to add to your watering schedule to enhance the health of your plants.

It’s a know fact that our tap water has to go through various processes and has certain chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride added to it to make it safe to drink, rainwater is free and a wonderful way to replicate the water that your plants would have in their natural habitat so why not take advantage of this natural resource if you have the space. I’ve selected some items below but even if you don’t have a garden, you can also try to collect small amounts by putting a small bucket outside on a balcony or courtyard. Perhaps if you are part of a shared space community arrange to add a communal water butt for everyone to share.

A great start piece for a small garden and if you are just starting your plant collection – features a stand and tap so that you can fit your watering can underneath for easy dispensing of water. This is also very useful in the summer for watering your outdoor and container plants.

– 100 Litre capacity
– Tap included
– Lockable lid included
– 4 Part stand included
– Downpipe filler kit included

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Many houseplants original from warm and tropical climates that are difficult to replicate in your home. If you really want to keep your plants very happy then you can invest in a humidifier to control the humidity surrounding your plants. This model is perfect if you have a large room or a big collection of plants or to save refilling time as it takes up to 6L of water.

– Ultrasonic warm & Cool mist: features warm or cool mist at 3 different levels; dual 360° nozzles increase humidity levels 25% quicker than devices using only cool mist. In the warm mist setting, the internal water can be heated to high temperature, which can kill most bacteria in the water

– Large capacity 6L: allows for 20 to 36 hours of continuous use; with a super high mist output up to 500ml/hr, the LV600HH can easily handle spaces as large as 70 m² a bedroom and living room, even the whole house

– Smart auto mode: Built-in accurate humidity sensor to automatically diffuse mist to adjust the humidity to the most suitable level in a healthy range. You can also customise a suitable and comfortable humidity level based on the surrounding; sensitive touch control panel is easy to operate and the included remote also controls any settings for convenience

– Whisper quiet aroma diffuser: produces near-silent noise and has an LED screen that can be completely turned off at night, providing a restful ambiance for your bedroom.

– Added function & quality assurance: auto off when waterless; 12 hours timer function; dual 360° mist nozzles; Comes with 2 extra aroma pads and absorption pads.

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