Fold It Calm – Li Kim Goh
Simple origami to quieten your mind

Find mindfulness and calm through origami.
Includes 50 sheets of origami paper included at the back so you can get started right away.

Li Kim Goh, known online as @kimigami, has created relaxing paper folding projects for all abilities, each illustrated with step-by-step 

Fold It Calm includes all the origami techniques you need to know, plus 25 beautiful models to create. From classics such as the paper crane to the author’s own creations, including a mini cactus, these are easy projects for mindful moments.

In Fold It Calm Li Kim Goh has created a book of absolute joy, even the colour used in the illustrations are muted and calming.

This is such a delightful little book designed to quieten your mind. Starting with an introduction and helpful Origami basics the projects are divided into Decorative, Wildlife, Nature, Boxes and Gift Wrapping. 

The projects are exquisite, full of ingenuity and variety, from delightful flowers, little birds and animals to gorgeous gift wrapping each one comes with step-by-step instructions. 

At the back of the book, there is a beautiful collection of paper to get you started. 

At a time when everyone is looking for ways to reduce their stress, this is a wonderful way to slow the pace, put on some relaxing music and take your time to create your favourite pieces. Highly Recommended!