The Innovative Artist: Abstracts and Mixed Media

Brilliant new ways with colour, texture and form by Helen Kaminsky

Description: The Innovative Artist series provides a unique insight into the methods and materials used by leading contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of their art. Through numerous examples of the author’s work alongside practical demonstrations, each book provides a fascinating exploration of the artist’s creative process that will inspire the reader to move forward on their own artistic journey.

Abstracts and Mixed Media is aimed at artists who wish to explore the possibilities offered by mixed media in new and impressive ways. Helen’s love of colour and experimentation is carried through layers of imagery and texture with a gloriously vibrant mix of traditional and imaginative new techniques. It is the experimental combination of these methods that gives each painting its unique glowing quality.

Artists will discover different ways of mixing and blending paint with unusual materials, collage techniques, fun printing methods, mark-making with found objects, and original ways to incorporate homemade stencils and stamps into their work. Helen leads the reader through her exciting range of techniques using charcoal, gesso, oil pastels, wet and dry media, printing and mark-making materials, and collage.

This is a truly glorious book! Packed with inspiration and rich illustrations Helen’s passion for mixed media shines through on every page. As well as the demonstrations and stunning examples of finished works, the content is organised under four broad areas,
The Art of the Abstract
Materials and Tools
Mixing the Media
Varnishing and Completing
Within these key areas there are pages of detailed examples, sharing inspiration, how to play with materials, and the most creative sources of mark-making; how just by looking around your home you can find so many items to use e.g. forks, pastry cutters, toy building bricks, combs, bottle tops, sponges and so much more! Helen adopts the same approach with print making, from creating stencils, to making your own stamps, again using household items.
But it is the richness of colour that makes this book such a delight and the freedom of using mixed media in such innovative and delightful ways.
As a source of inspiration  The Innovative Artist: Abstracts and Mixed Media is outstanding, Helen has a created a book which will encourage experimentation by artists of all ages and abilities.
We absolutely loved it! Highly Recommended!