Capturing Precious Moments

It’s so easy in our busy lives to miss those special moments which can almost take your breath away with their beauty.

Equally when we are stressed, our hearts race and we often cannot see a way forward. Taking time to stop, to breathe deeply and trying to ground yourself can help when we are trying to find solutions. 

Every day nature is quietly creating her own special moments if we slow down enough to notice.

If you live in the countryside, or by the coast, night time often provides its own beauty with dark skies. Where away from light pollution the stars shine with amazing luminosity. 

The moon in its own cycle throughout the year regularly brightens the night sky with a full moon, which can be captured in an urban, or rural landscape. 

Winter can seem a dark and cheerless time, but what can be especially beautiful are sunrises and sunsets, wherever you live.  When you open the curtains in the morning expecting darkness to see instead the skies painted in the most subtle hues of lilac, pink, yellow and orange of a sunrise. 

At the other end of the day, travelling home from work you can often witness beautiful winter sunsets when the sun disappears in the flaming colours of red, orange and vibrant yellow. 

Wherever you live, trees constantly provide a source of beauty, and many of our towns and cities have areas where we can witness the opening of blossom in the spring, and the changing colours of the leaves in autumn. 

But it is not just in nature that we can find these unexpected moments of joy; a baby’s first smile, or their first steps, or any of our children’s achievements, from sporting to musical, to a picture or a gift lovingly created, those are moments which gently squeeze your heart. 

Volunteers often explain how much joy they get from helping others, and many people say they prefer to give rather than receive. 

Think about the moments that are special to you and try and make a conscious effort to recognise when they are happening and set a pause button so that you can fully experience them. 

Try and record the special moments in your life, seal them in your memory, write about them in a journal, or take a photograph. (Just for you, not for social media.) 

Seek out beautiful experiences:

  • A walk on the beach, pause and wait for a wave to break.
  • Take a walk through a park and listen to the crunching of the leaves beneath your feet and marvel at the colours of the leaves, or the smooth feel of a horse chestnut beneath its prickly exterior. 
  • Savour the smell of coffee inviting you in to rest awhile.
  • The choosing and wrapping of a gift for a special person.
  • Indulging in the belief and magic of a special festival.
  • Volunteering and helping people recapture their memories, or make new ones. 
  • Taking time to switch off, relax and read a book, or watch a ‘feel good’ movie. 
  • Indulging in a hobby just for pleasure, not worrying about being ‘good enough’
  • Calling or visiting people who are important to you, or you know would cherish time with you.
  • If you have a pet, enjoying  time in their company. 
  • Gather ingredients and creating a favourite meal for you, or friends, or family. 
  • Take time to smile, to laugh, enjoy the company of others. 

Remember the quote.

Dance like no one is watching’ … indulge all your senses, dance, sing, laugh, and encourage others to do the same. 

Special Note: If you are really worried and don’t know which way to turn, do seek out help, talk to someone you trust, look for support locally, or talk to your energy company, or Citizen’s Advice Bureau.